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Understand the Neurological Wiring that Motivates BUYING & Selling Strategies

AND Let neuroscience boost your sales beyond your wildest expectations!

When Science Meets Buying & Selling: How The New Mind Sciences And The Persuasion Industry Are Reading our Thoughts, Influencing oUr Emotions, And Stimulating Us To Buy.

In this workshop you’ll discover the unique value you bring to the table for the benefit of your client, team or organization, empowering them to be more effective, resilient, engaged and sell more. This workshop guides you to develop customer-centric listening skills, then teaches you how to develop intelligent questions that speak to customer interests and needs thereby potentially increasing sales by 100%!

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Optimal Brain Organization (OBO)

 “Learn why and how you (and others) do what you (and they) do.”

Unleash the power of the three T’s: Time, Talent, Treasures (Your sales)!

This workshop reveals secrets once only known to neuroscientists: Imagine learning a blueprint of your client’s wiring in the moment to shift gears and adapt to their profile and virtually guarantee a sale. This presentation is perfect for sales events, national conventions & networking events. It gives people the tools they need to make all their communications - with clients & customers, colleagues, friends & even your family – more powerful and fruitful than ever.

One's Brain Organization Profile indicates sensory and brain preferences and its implications for such activities as:

  • Sales
  • Motivation
  • Communication with people
  • Performance skills
  • This is an opportunity for participants to learn how others process and assess information before they make buying decisions.
  • We share a common outcome, how to boost sales and to get more clients to invest their money.
  • At the core of every successful organization, is the ability to answer two essential questions:
  • What is our unique position in our market?
  • What is our sustainable competitive edge?

Here's what you'll learn about OBO:

·        How OBO supports multiple objectives beyond higher sales, gives your client the confidence, momentum and resilience that can only come from being absolutely clear about your company and you as an individual.

In this 60 minute interactive workshop, participants discover how easy it is to engage people in conversations. The outcome: a smooth effortless way to provide and communicate your best services while fulfilling your client’s greatest needs and interests.

Optimal Brain Organization Profiles teaches our dominance patterns that neurologically directly affect our buying decisions.

  • You will learn how you communicate and assess your own OBO profile and understand the implications in sales
  • Learn how and why clients respond and how to sway them into a buying position
  • Develop the ability to connect with and close sales with prospects through this understanding
  • Apply the methods on a daily basis for optimum sales

How can BFI help you with your business?


Have you ever wondered why some sales representatives create instant rapport and relational presence with a prospect ultimately making them a client?

Have you wondered why some sales specialists can penetrate a territory more effectively and efficiently?

This is an opportunity for sales professionals to understand how individuals process information and make buying decisions through their Optimal Brain Organization profile. “Learn why and how you (others) do what you (they) do.”

Brain Fitness International offers specialized OBO presentations onsite training.  Catch the brain wave and unleash your sales teams!


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