Stroke & Acquired Brain Injury

Brain Fitness International provides support for stroke and acquired brain injury survivors and their caregivers. We focus on accelerating the healing process. One of our specialties is to create a personal program either on a weekly basis or an intensive lasting 12-14 days. This multi-sensory experience will include:

  • Brain Gym®
  • Touch for Health
  • Trager® – Movement Re-education
  • Mentastics® & Reflex Response
  • Trauma & Emotional Stress Release

There are many other components that are included. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The key focus is the return to functional abilities. Gross and fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, hand dexterity, balance and stability, etc.

A Letter to Paul Hyman from his Client, Douglas Sparkes

Hi Paul,

You helped me to return to work as a Bass Trombonist in one of Canada's top 3 orchestras, the Vancouver Symphony. Your work on my hand and arm enabled me to start back at work in 5 1/2 months time after being out for a year and a quarter with a debilitating full stroke, where I didn't receive any medical help for 36 hours after the stroke happened. Not only that, I had scores of " 0 " on each and every test on my hand for the first 6 weeks after the stroke occurred. To go from zero, to a score of 85, when the average score of 10, is not only awesome, but according my Neurologist, Dr.Philip Teal, one of the best in the country, he said my recovery was "Miraculous". And we just saw him again last week, and he considers me a miracle. He has been referring me to anyone in the press that is interested in a great recovery story. There is one coming out in January, for the "Stroke & Heart" foundation, that will tell my story and his.

When you have a stroke, after you are released from the hospital, there's nothing more they can do for you !!! It's only guys like you that have anything good to offer guys like me. And the thousands of other guys that don't have a chance to see you, well I feel so sorry for them ,that they will be missing out on a great chance of recovering from the results of their strokes.

Most sincerely,
Douglas Sparkes
Bass Trombonist

Letter of endorsement from Dr. naoki chiba medicine professional corporation Guelph gi & surgery clinic

5 March 2014

To whom it may concern;

Re; Paul Hyman, letter of endorsement

Paul is an unique and experienced sensory integration therapist. He is truly one of a kind, having integrated modalities from numerous areas, mostly Trager, Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology), Bal-A-Vis-X and Touch For Health. He also has experience and training in acupuncture, massage as a personal trainer etc. and integrates all his experience into his unique approach.

He did have practical experience through Diversicare with neurologically challenged clients.

I suffered a stroke in July 2013 and had a lot of balance and strength issues. I was weak on the left side, particularly my hand and had poor proprioception on the left. I am a medical doctor and have a masters degree in evidence based medicine. Paul has training outside of mainstream medicine that  I did not understand, but I gave him a try and to my surprise, he achieved some inexplicable stability in my muscles with his methods. Although a sceptic, I hired him to do a consecutive, intensive 6-8 hrs. daily program for 10 days, 5 months after my stroke to try to improve my condition so that I could return to work.

After 10 days, my left hand was stronger, more agile and I could perform tasks better with better co-ordination. My overall and core balance improved, my gait improved. I was able to walk much more normally as a result of this. I felt the improvements allowed me to be more 'normal' and hence improved and hence able to return to work with greater confidence.

My insurance company refused to recognize Paul's qualifications and treatment as a medical return to work program so I did not get coverage. Regardless of whatever category Paul fits into, what he does integrates so many things and reflects his experience, that there is no real classification as to what he did to achieve the many results I report. Sensory integration is as accurate a term as one could use, but there is no recognized sensory integration society.

I endorse Paul's unique training and experience.


Naoki Chiba

MD, MSc, FRCPC, AGAF Gastroenterology Clinical Professor, McMaster University, Chief of Internal Medicine, Guelph General Hospital