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Brain Fitness International has been invited to work with clients and to train other professionals in our approach to Brain Fitness internationally. We offer many different types of Training Workshops, Custom Designed Specialty Workshops and Presentations to suit your individual or corporate needs and budget including Fund Raising Initiaives.

Such Workshops, Trainings and Presentations are available by special arrangement only. Please contact us to discuss how Brain Fitness International can assist you with your particular needs, requirements and goals.

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“I love helping people move through their personal journey. Change becomes a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you along your path.” – Paul Hyman, Creator and CEO of Brain Fitness International

When you schedule a Private Session with Paul, you are one step closer to being the very best you can be through bridging the gap between neuroscience and real life application.

Private sessions are customized to your individual preferences and may take place at a Brain Fitness International office, via telephone, internet or at a special setting agreed to by both parties.

Among Paul's Private Clients, there are many businesses and organizations committed to excellence and a healthy workplace, older adults with Alzheimer’s, victims of Stroke or Acquired Brain Injury, children and adults with ADD/ADHD and other learning challenges, individuals with Autism or Aspersers, the Developmental Delayed, Academics and Educators, professional Athletes, Musicians and Actors, those challenged with Addictions or Mental Health issues, and many Healthcare Professionals.

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Archival Videography 

Videography captures memories and turns them into a priceless treasure. Brain Fitness International combines professional, multimedia production with specialized BFI memory enhancement tools and techniques with a view to assisting older adults to document their life story for their enjoyment and for the further enjoyment of future generations.

Our Video Production Process  includes a consultation with a professional videographer, a simple yet comprehensive evaluation with BFI to assess specific Personality Dimensions, an Optimal Brain Organization Assessment with BFI Brain Integration Exercises for memory enhancement, the Interview and video filming with a professional vidographer resulting in a professionally produced and edited DVD Video Biography, along with a personal, custom designed Brain Fitness Memory Enhancement Program to continue using at home.


A training track of learning modules are available to begin certification as a Brain Fitness Specialist. Using an Accelerated Learning Cycle, interfaced with the Learning Developmental Hierarchy, the material is made user-friendly and easy to assimilate. What makes these modules even more valuable is that after each training you will feel confident using the tools immediately. Special webinars are available for individuals to learn the Brain Fitness approach.


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