Older adults have the brightness of life with the added wisdom of their years. If you are an older adult looking for a way to improve mobility and coordination, to learn new skills faster and easier, be more independent, improve memory or concentration, improve balance, develop memory and concentration, regulate moods and reduce depression, improve mental functioning, enhance cognition, manage stress more effectively, learn personal coping strategies, have increased motivation, sleep better and improve energy levels and overall well-being, Brain Fitness International will help you achieve all of the above using tools and techniques based on the leading research from the neurosciences and the award-winning Brain Gym® & MORE Program.

The whole myth of the aging process is changing. It is time that you benefited directly from the discoveries. These movement-based, multi-sensory brain stimulation programs are based upon current brain research about the brain’s plasticity. The hypothesis: moving your body maximizes your brain power.

Brain Gym and More® is an innovative program that supports current brain research on Brain Plasticity. Participants of this program find it reduces or slows down neuro-degenerative disease.

A Letter from Karen Kotanko, Diversicare Canada

"Paul Hyman has been the leader in our Brain Gym & More program for Diversicare Canada Management Services Inc.  His knowledge and expertise in the field of neuroscience is truly remarkable.  The program he designed for seniors has been implemented in all of our Retirement and Long-Term Care homes across Canada, and the residents have greatly benefited from doing the movements, exercises and fun activities that he has taught to our recreation and healthcare staff. 

In fact, one of our residents in Perth could not speak, recognize items or walk.  After our staff worked with her using the Brain Gym & More program that Paul developed, she is able to speak and walk again, and can recognize and even count money again.  Her husband is hopeful that he will be able to take her back home again soon.

We have a General Manager whose father had a massive stroke after surgery and was in Long-Term Care.  She started using the techniques she learned from Paul and was able to move her father back to his home.  Within months he could walk again and is currently back to playing cards with his friends. 

I could go on and on about the amazing results we have seen from the testimonials I have received from our staff, residents and family members.  We are currently incorporating the movements into our physiotherapy programs offered at our homes and will be conducting research that will show how the senior was before and after using these techniques.

Paul has made a tremendous difference in the lives of our residents as well as their family members and our staff.  In addition, Paul has reached out and helped so many other groups such as children, people with disabilities, ABI survivors, and those with mental health concerns.  He truly is making a difference in peoples’ lives by using his vast knowledge and skills to help those in need."

- Sincerely, Karen Kotanko, Sales and Marketing, Diversicare Canada Management Service Inc. 905-821-1161 x253

Stroke & Acquired Brain Injury

Brain Fitness International provides support for stroke and acquired brain injury survivors and their caregivers. We focus on accelerating the healing process. One of our specialties is to create a personal program either on a weekly basis or an intensive lasting 12-14 days. This multi-sensory experience will include:

  • Brain Gym®
  • Touch for Health
  • Trager® – Movement Re-education
  • Mentastics® & Reflex Response
  • Trauma & Emotional Stress Release

There are many other components that are included. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The key focus is the return to functional abilities. Gross and fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, hand dexterity, balance and stability, etc.

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Falls Prevention

Brain Fitness International provides innovative programs based upon current brain research about the brain’s plasticity. The BFI Falls Prevention program has been a huge success. Statistically, the average falls at one residence dropped from 7% to 4% in one month.

Falls prevention is a strategic lifestyle skill important to all older adults considering it is the number one cause of death. This workshop delivers valuable, practical information in plain language and how to maximize your role as a healthcare professional within a multidisciplinary falls prevention program. This workshop will help you design a falls prevention program and give you the tools to make it successful.

The learning objectives of this workshop:

  • Learn easy-to-use brain friendly tools & techniques to use immediately for falls prevention.
  • How & Why specific techniques are being used and modified for various physical activity programs.
  • Custom design a program to meet specific needs & goals of your client.
  • Copy-ready handouts to use and tracking sheets for outcome purposes.
  • Falls, Balls & Sandbags
  • Bal-A-Vis-X & Gaits Analysis
  • Specific exercises divided into 4 levels with 4 phases of integration.
  • Presentation Ideas & how best to describe this approach to colleagues and to residents so they buy into the benefits and to increase motivation.

Private sessions (travel expenses extra) designed especially around a person’s cognitive and functional abilities are available.

Change Brain Drain into Brain Fitness

These movement-based, multi-sensory brain stimulation programs are based upon current brain research about the brain’s plasticity.

The hypothesis: moving your body maximizes your brain power. “First In, Last Out” Getting older, begins the reversal of the Developmental Hierarchy. BFI programs are used to reduce or slow down the progress of neuro-degenerative diseases and prevent falls.

“The activities and movements presented in Paul’s program are perfectly suited to the Montessori Methods for Dementia™ philosophy, goals and objectives. The activities offer cognitive stimulation while also supporting practical life, sensory stimulation and a social component that leads to feelings of working together and having fun. These activities provide opportunities to engage in life and living throughout all stages of dementia. Moreover, the literature on exercise provides compelling evidence that movement is critical for those with dementia and Paul’s exercises provide a means for individuals with dementia to engage in exercises in a way that is fun, not boring, while also taking into account the individual needs of those participating in the program”. - Gail Elliot, "Dementability", Author of “Montessori Methods for Dementia”

Brain Fitness Improves:

  • Mobility & Coordination
  • Learning New Skills
  • Balance
  • Independence
  • Memory & Concentration
  • Moods & Reducing Depression
  • Mental Functioning – Enhancing Cognition
  • Stress Management & Personal Coping Strategies
  • Increased Motivation
  • Sleeping 
  • Overall Well-being – a daily “tonic”
  • Increased Energy Levels

Learning Developmental Hierarchy

  • New understanding of the “brain’s plasticity” is the catalyst for the Learning Developmental Hierarchy.
  • Any gaps or damage in the wiring of neural pathways have an opportunity to be reinforced or rebuilt.

Brain Fitness Specialists using innovative movement-based, multi-sensory brain stimulation enriched programs provides anyone a 2nd chance to rebuild their neural pathways to enhance improved functionality. Our programs are based upon the continuum of innovation from the latest research from the neurosciences.


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