Let neuroscience boost your SALES potential beyond your wildest expectations!

Dear BFI Visitor,

Now you can become a cutting-edge sales professional with my proven state-of-the-art training workshop called Why They Buy.

This workshop uses the revolutionary Brain Fitness program to transform attendees' abilities, effectiveness, and success. One of our corporate clients, increased their sales success significantly by incorporating these tools, tips and techniques by attending this customized training. You can't find another workshop that is so unique to support your sales.

We even have the research that validates the powerful impact of this Brain Fitness approach. The results are simply amazing. Gain results in less time, and less effort to maximize results.

Become a Brain Fitness certificated sales professional so you can:

  • offer user friendly breakthrough techniques
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This workshop does not conflict with any other selling, network marketing, or management technique training you might have taken, this workshop will actually complement what you have learned about sales.

This workshop allows the individual participant and sponsoring organization add immediate, specific, measurable and exciting results to their bottom line selling and management effectiveness.

As a matter of fact, Brain Fitness International has certified a number of sales professionals that has increased their corporation's bottom line in countless ways. Just this fact alone allows you to gain immediate credibility.

The next "Why They Buy" certificated training happens the moment you call Brain Fitness at 416.467.0240.

Gain insights once only known to neuroscience professionals. Bring the latest discoveries from neuroscience into real-life applications.

During the training program, you will experience profound shifts in understanding how you and your client's neurological wiring affects and motivates buying and selling strategies.

If you would like to see the individual workshop brochure please email me at phyman@brainfitnessinternational.com.

Is this training for you? The answer is yes if you:

  • Are a sales professional, trainer, coach, human resource manager, customer service director, or network marketer who would like to be trained in this breakthrough technology.
  • Are a consultant who would like to add this training to your repertoire of skills.
  • Are interested in building a rewarding career through public seminars, continuing education programs, and in-house training programs.

This workshop is a powerful 21st century training program that more and more businesses are seeking. Complete the training now and add add a new state-of-the-art skill to your basket of tools. You don't want to miss this opportunity.

Call today and make your reservation now to assure your excel-ability.

To summarize, through this Brain Fitness process you will enhance your brain's potential - Fire It - Wire It.

Most sincerely,

Paul Hyman